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It’s Wednesday at 3 p.m., which means you might as well pack up and head home for the day. Except you still have two hours (at least) before calling it quits. To make that dreaded afternoon slump much more bearable, here are six little pick-me-ups that will bring you back to life. (And none of them involve caffeine. Huzzah.)

del monte walking

Take a Walking Meeting

When your legs start to fall asleep and you realize you haven’t left your desk in four hours, it’s officially time to get moving. Cancel your conference-room reservation and take your direct report on a walking meeting instead. The natural sunlight will give you a boost of energy and hopefully help facilitate that next brilliant idea.

del monte stretch

Get Your Muscles Moving

Sitting in the same position day after day can take a toll on your muscles. Give them some lovin’ by sneaking in a midday workout followed by a nice stretch. And get this: You don’t even have to leave your chair. Just watch our deskercise video to get started.

Indulge in a Sweet (But Healthy) Treat

No, not the chocolate bowl. Avoid the boredom of your afternoon lull with Del Monte Fruit Refreshers. Each individual-size cup tops out at 100 calories and is filled with refreshing fruit waters. One serving of these exciting fruit and flavor combinations will be the exact wake-up call you need to make it through to quitting time.

del monte music

Turn Up the Volume

Create a playlist of songs that make you feel good. Like, run-to-the-dance-floor-the-instant-you-hear-it good. Pop on some headphones and let those endorphins flow. After a few minutes, come back to reality and dive into your tasks with a whole new outlook. (If Rihanna can “work,” so can you.)

del monte water bottle

Sip on a Bottle of Water

The easiest way to keep your energy level up sans caffeine is by staying hydrated. But don’t drink too fast—a big gulp all at once can just make you feel bloated. Instead, keep a one-liter bottle ask your desk and carry it between to-dos and back-to-back meetings. You may have to use your bathroom key more often, but at least you’ll be moving.

del monte puppy

And When in Doubt…

Look at pictures of puppies. No, really. According to a recent study, staring at pictures of adorable pups (or any cute animal) will improve your focus and put you in a good mood. Excuse us while we update our desktop photo.

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