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Where to Learn Self-Defense in Dallas
Unleash your inner Ronda Rousey.

Guys, self-defense is serious. Burning calories is less so, but still, you know, an admirable endeavor. That’s why we rounded up these three awesome self-defense classes in the Big D.

Weren’t you tired of spinning your wheels anyway?

Chamberlain Studios: At these classes, held in two area dojos (in Lakewood and LoveField), certified Kenpo karate instructors teach self-defense to both all-female and co-ed  groups. Participants learn hands-on self-defense techniques--as well as police safety and awareness tips that can keep you safe in public areas--while working up quite a sweat. 2739 Bachman Dr.; 214-351-5367 or 

Krav Maga DFW: Developed by the Israeli army in the 1940s, Krav Maga teaches practitioners basic, you could say primal, defense techniques. At Krav Maga DFW, instructors work to refine these techniques with simple striking and rolling drills to help ensure a successful real-life response. Be prepared to work up a sweat and learn lifelong defense skills. 1201 Turtle Creek Blvd.; 469-587-9403 or

Octagon MMA: Located in Uptown, this arena offers self-defense classes that mix classic martial arts training with modern-day city life. Instructors work with participants on physical conditioning (read: sweating and working out), the fundamentals of martial arts and the most effective self-defense techniques. Be prepared to have full-body contact as you learn how to release yourself from holds and restraints that mimic threatening real-life situations. Skip your cycling class this Saturday and host a private self-defense session with your girlfriends for a more-than-useful calorie-busting workout! 4152 Cole Ave.; 214-521-6662 or

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