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What the Hell Are Super Lice and Do I Need to Worry About Them?

Back-to-school season means a lot of things: New pencils, new teachers…new super lice. Wait, what? Indeed, just in time for the 2015 school year, everyone’s favorite parasitic head bug decided to mutate.

Here, everything you need to know.

Seriously, WTF are super lice? They’re basically the lice you know and love--hanging out in your hair, laying eggs and sucking small amounts of blood from your scalp. The major difference? Super lice are resistant to over-the-counter insecticides that are commonly used to kill the regular kind.

Awesome. Let’s talk avoidance tactics. First, remind your kids not to share combs or hats or flower crowns. Then, make a point to regularly inspect your child’s scalp, even if she says it’s not itchy. Be on the lookout for creepy-crawlies, since super lice are often big enough to actually see. And JSYK, adults aren't immune. If your kid gets it, don't be surprised if you have to treat the whole fam.

And if I find them, what do I do? You can still try an over-the-counter treatment, but your best bet is to call your doctor, who will probably prescribe prescription-only medication. You could also call a lice-removal company, which is a thing that actually exists.

For the love of God, is there a silver lining? Well, the CDC confirms that super lice may be gross and uncomfortable, but they still don’t spread disease. So, um, yay?

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