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Switching deodorants is risky business. But after making the leap ourselves, we think you should consider taking the plunge: Give up that deodorant you’ve been wearing since middle school and graduate to deodorant cream, an all-natural, chemical-free alternative that works just as well as drugstore brands--and it’s made right in NYC. 

Who makes it? Soapwalla, an all-natural line of soap and beauty products based in Brooklyn. It’s available online and at a variety of spas throughout the city.

What’s in it? Shea butter, kaolin clay, cornstarch and essential oils are combined to create a thick body butter. The ingredients are all food grade, so you could actually eat it (although you probably shouldn’t, since it’s $14 a jar). 

How does it work? After showering, smooth a small amount of Soapwalla under your arms until it’s completely absorbed. The clay and cornstarch absorb sweat, and the essential oils keep you smelling fresh and clean.

OK, but does it actually work? Yes--this stuff is invincible. We’ve worked all day, gone to the gym and sunbathed outside in 90-degree heat, and nothing has stopped it.


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