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Pop Quiz: How would you describe Dirty Dancing?

A) It’s a movie about a teenage girl who goes to the Catskills and carries a watermelon and falls in love with her sexy dance instructor.

B) It’s a movie about love, expectation and disillusionment, set in the socially tumultuous 1960s.

According to the Myers-Briggs personality test, how you answer could point to whether you’re a sensor or an intuitive. Here’s a rundown of what these psych terms mean:


You're probably a sensor if

  • You remember events exactly as they happened, often in precise detail.
  • You solve problems by working through the facts first, and thinking about the big picture later.
  • You’ve been accused of being too literal.
  • You often find yourself saying, “Can we get back to reality for a minute?”
  • You answered A.


You're probably an intuitive if

  • You remember events by remembering what they meant to you.
  • You solve problems by jumping ahead to all the various possibilities.
  • You’ve been accused of being too unrealistic.
  • You often find yourself saying, “Just imagine what we could do here!”
  • You answered B.


Why it matters

Knowing how you take in information can help you figure out how to tackle problems. (Hello, checklists vs. big-idea brainstorms.) But understanding your type can also help you move beyond your own limitations--and stave off arguments with colleagues and lovers. Sensors should step back from time to time and try to think imaginatively and theoretically. Intuitives should keep their pie-in-the-sky dreams in check and try to see both the forest and the trees.

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