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Any workout is a good workout, but if you’re a boot-camp devotee who’s ever stepped foot into (and promptly left) a dimly lit yoga studio, you know that each type of fitness class has its own--very specific--clientele. Here, what your favorite says about you.

workout spin


So, your favorite actress is Reese Witherspoon? Sounds about right. While waiting in the line at Starbucks, you can be found scrolling through Pinterest for “fun, low-cal cocktails” to serve at tonight’s Bachelorette viewing party at your place.

workout barre


You like Reese, but your true icon is Gwyneth Paltrow (and you've made every recipe in every one of her three cookbooks...twice). Although your hometown ballet training ended in seventh grade, you tell people you were totallyyy a dancer.

workout crossfit


You DVR The Walking Dead. You're crushing your fantasy football league. And you've occasionally felt the urge to put bacon in a NutriBullet.

workout yoga


Everyone only thinks you're naturally this calm. Little do people know that you secretly seethe anytime a classmate gets into a headstand faster than you. But how could they? You use #blessed unironically on Instagram. 

workout naked yoga

naked yoga

So confidence isn't an issue, eh? Your days are spent frequenting your favorite green juice purveyor and also your favorite waxer (her name is Inga and she's magic). You’re incredibly involved in the movement to #FreeTheNipple and have been playing “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz” on repeat for the last month.

workout running


Do you relish alone time? Are you a glutton for punishment? You must be a runner. And you can't wait for that upcoming reunion to show Jeremy from trig class how hot you got.

workout dance cardio

dance cardio

Oh hey, life of the party. You’re favorite vacation spot is Miami, but if your dream waist-trainer business ever takes off, you’re totally splurging on a trip to Ibiza. Critical music suggestions be damned--your iTunes library is 85 percent Pitbull.

workout bootcamp

boot camp

Nice to see you again, Type A. You find your day job a little boring, so you pay $34 to have someone only marginally fitter than you are scream in your face that you should squeeze your butt at the top of a squat “OR NO ONE ELSE WILL.” You also do so because you're a devout people-pleaser.

workout boxing


While putting your hand wraps on before class you think, "Wow, I'm such a badass," disregarding the fact that you majored in English lit with a minor in anthropological biracial gender studies. You probably work in PR, marketing or another communications field that: A) makes you love chatting with sparring partners, and B) makes you need to punch things daily.

workout video

workout videos

You're old. Or at least an old soul with a slight aversion to crowds...and pants.

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