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What Science Thinks Binge-Watching Does to Your Brain

It’s Sunday evening and you spent the whole weekend in a caffeinated peanut butter-fueled Netflix binge. You could feel bad about not having accomplished anything tangible over the past 48 hours, or you could trust a recent study that says binge-watching can actually be good for you.

That’s right: According to a study published in Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, watching high-quality TV dramas can increase your emotional intelligence, making you more adept at understanding others' minds and in turn making you more empathetic.

The emphasis here is on “high-quality dramas,” so don’t think that Pretty Little Liars or Bad Girls’ Club will have the same effects on your brain as, say, The West Wing or Mad Men.

While you shouldn’t discount human interaction or physical books, it’s kinda nice to feel vindicated for getting all invested in Don Draper’s sex life.

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