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It's officially spring. And that means spring-cleaning. Since we’ve already mastered the art of decluttering on the home front (with minimal effort), why not look inward?

What if you did a little spring-cleaning challenge on yourself and stopped eating some of your favorite staples. What would happen? We have the answers.

What if you...

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Gave Up Soda

We hear you: There’s nothing like a midday Diet Coke. Ahhh. But the stuff is terrible for your teeth’s enamel and can cause tooth decay. Two not-so-terrible reasons to put down the soda. Oh, and you might live longer. So… there’s that.


Stopped Drinking

The perfect day usually ends with a glass of red wine (or a red wine ice pop), but what if you went cold turkey? Bear with us: Not only will you probably lose weight and sleep better but you’ll also save a ton of money. Who needs a $12 Dark 'N Stormy anyway?


Said Good-bye to Coffee

You’re not totally conscious until you’ve had your a.m. coffee… or those three subsequent cups. But if you nix coffee from your life, some major amazingness might happen, like less bloating and better sleep--and you might even start glowing because your skin will be more hydrated.

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Eliminated Dairy

Love is a six-letter word: cheese. But dairy can cause mischief on our bodies. If you cut out the dairy, your stomach might feel better and you might wind up needing fewer tissues since dairy stimulates mucus.

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