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Uh, WTF Is FATWater?

Remember Bulletproof Coffee? (The cup of Joe...with butter.) Well, the team behind the trend is at it again with their newest product called “FATwater,” and it’s sending the Internet into a tizzy. Here’s the rundown. 

What is this stuff? Basically, it’s water with little droplets of fat (extracted from coconut oil) added to it.

Why would anyone want to drink that? Inventor Dave Asprey first claims it’s extra-hydrating. (He says body cells are more likely to absorb H2O molecules when they come with trace amounts of fat particles.) He secondly alleges that fat-infused water gives an extra energy boost, making it a preferable pre-workout beverage. And thirdly, he says it suppresses appetites and encourages thermogenesis (the body’s method of burning fat).

What’s it taste like? Thankfully, it comes in flavors like berry, lemon or orange. You don’t actually taste the fat.

Where can I try it? For now, it’s only available at Bulletproof Coffee’s healthfood cult flagship store in Santa Monica, though a powdered version will soon be re-stocked on the company’s site. (It's evidently very popular.)

Is it safe? Nutritionists have come out with a unified "WTF??" reaction, but other than saying it’s slightly unnecessary, no one has reported any dangers. Drink your fat as you will.

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