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This Self-Rolling Yoga Mat Is Actually a Giant Slap Bracelet

Just when you’ve finished saying ohhmmmm and you’re feeling super zen about your body and your mind and your's time to scramble before the next yoga class marches in.

Here’s the problem: Yoga mats never roll up quick...until now.

Meet the YoYo Mat, a self-rolling yoga mat that actually stays rolled up without the help of straps or a bag. Plus, it stays totally flat while in use during class.

The prototype--created by inventor Aaron Thornton and recently launched on Kickstarter--was actually inspired by those 1980s slap bracelets (come on, you know you had one…or 10), and the technology is pretty much the same. When class is done, you simply flip the mat over and it will roll right up. (Watch the video to see it in action.)

Go ahead: Buy yourself an extra 30 seconds.

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