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Listen, you look like you could use some R and R. But with a full-time job, an endless to-do list and a husband who considers ordering takeout “cooking,” how are you supposed to carve out any time for yourself?

The solution: Reboot Float Spa. Instead of massage or meditation, go for an hour-long float in a salt-water-filled pod. Hear us out, because this seemingly wacky new craze is actually a great stress reliever.

The sleek (and not at all scary) Marina spa has four sensory-deprivation tanks that basically look like deluxe tanning beds filled with 94-degree highly concentrated salt water. After you strip down to your birthday suit, you hop into one of the tanks and pick your lighting (say, purple or green) and music (Norah Jones, perhaps). If you’re claustrophobic (nothing to be ashamed of), you can float with the lid open.

The salt water will keep you buoyant--as if you’re drifting in the Dead Sea--and the floating will reduce stress hormones, release endorphins to help you relax, ease sore muscles and even help decompress your spine.

One of these a week and you’ll be well on your way to nirvana, no matter what’s waiting for you at the office or at home.

Sixty-minute floats start at $59. 1912 Lombard St.; 415-494-9032 or

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