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1. What does labor look like?

2. What does labor feel like?

3. Should I get an epidural?

4. Should I get a C-section?

5. Video: Epidural

6. Video: C-section

7. Video: Woman giving birth to twins, via C-section


8. Does heartburn mean you’re having a boy?

9. Does heartburn mean you’re having a 10-pound boy?

10. Is there anything you can do not to have a boy?

11. Does heartburn mean you’re dying?


12. Can a baby fall out when you’re peeing?

13. Can a baby be born with no ears?

14. Can you accidentally go into labor during sex?

15. Can you accidentally go into labor during Pilates?

16. Can you accidentally go into labor by eating tacos?


17. Spicy + tacos + pregnancy + freaking out

18. Pregnancy + accidentally ate an oyster

19. Pregnancy + got an electric shock

20. Pregnancy + dog jumped on stomach

21. Pregnancy + breech + tacos + 37 weeks


22. What is meconium?

23. What’s a perineum?

24. What is colostrum?

25. What is toxemia?

26. What on earth is a mucus plug?


27. How do I use a breast pump?

28. How do I wash a breast pump?

29. How much does a breast pump cost?

30. Video: Hands-free breast pumping


31. How much does a nanny cost?

32. How much does a stroller cost?

33. Do you really need a stroller?

34. Can’t you just use a shopping cart instead of a stroller?

35. Video: Baby in shopping cart instead of stroller

36. Video: How to tie a Moby wrap


37. What’s a normal amount of weight to gain during pregnancy?

38. What’s a normal amount of Snickers to eat during pregnancy?

39. How much weight did Kate Middleton gain during pregnancy?

40. Why didn’t Kate Middleton have an epidural?

41. Who did Kate Middleton’s post-baby blowout?

42. Kate Middleton + tacos + mucus plug + Snickers

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