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The Easiest Way to Whiten Your Teeth in NYC

Attention, New Yorkers: You officially no longer have to leave your apartment for any reason, ever. There’s Netflix for Kimmy Schmidt, Seamless for pad Thai and Manhattan Whitening Company, an in-home concierge service, for a brighter smile. We tried it--here’s how it works.

What is it? MWC makes house calls (or in our case, office calls) anywhere in NYC. A dentist arrives with all the supplies she or he needs--including a zero-gravity chair, an iPod and little paper water cups--to transform any space into a dentist’s office.

How long does it take? A tray of professional-strength whitening gel is applied to your teeth for 32 minutes. The entire session with our mobile dentist (including chatting about the Real Housewives he’s worked with) took 45 minutes.

What’s the price? At $595, the service is much pricier than drugstore whitening strips, but the results are way better. Plus, you get a prescription-strength whitening kit to keep at home for when you need an extra boost. (Oh, and wine straws.)

Does it work? After the relaxing session, our teeth were four shades whiter, and we didn’t even have to leave PureWow HQ. Tomorrow, we’d like a diamond facial in the conference room, please.

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