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Remember recess? Sure, there were social components (like kicking it with your pals by the monkey bars), but in the middle of a busy school day filled with group projects and spelling tests and learning, there was a regularly scheduled reminder: Yo, get off your butt.

Fast-forward to grown-up life, where recent studies reports that, no matter how many times you hit the gym, sitting for prolonged periods of time, say eight to 12 hours a day, can cause serious health risks. 

Don’t panic--just download Stand, a free new desktop app for Mac users that pings you hourly throughout the workday as a reminder to stop whatever you’re doing and get outta your chair.

It takes around two seconds to install the app on your computer, and from then on, you’ll get a little alert in the corner of your screen every 60 minutes, letting you know it's "Time to stand up!"

So go to the restroom. Refill your water. Stand and chat with a coworker.

Adult recess: It's making a comeback.

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