Dragging yourself to the gym is hard enough. Once you get there, the least you can hope for is an experience that’s not entirely unpleasant. And if you run into one of these 11 folks? Well, you’ll be wishing you were home faster than you can walk-jog half a mile.

gym people advice

The unsolicited advice-giver

If I needed help, I would’ve asked…literally anyone but you.

gym people creep

The creep

Conveniently positioned right behind the stair stepper. Lululemon’s biggest fan.

gym people treadmill

The person who stays on the treadmill for way more than 30 minutes

Sharing is caring, friend-o.

gym people show off

The show-off

Everyone sees you checking out your ab situation, dude. (And no, they haven’t become more defined in the past four minutes.)

gym people grunting

The drama queen

If you nail a heavy rep without unleashing an uncomfortably sexual grunt, did you really nail it?

gym people multitasking

The multitasker

Yes, you can conduct a conference call from the elliptical machine. But should you?

gym people music

The DJ

Everyone can hear your music and everyone is judging your playlist. (Nickelback…Really?)

gym people selfies

The incessant selfie-taker

Uses hashtags like #fitspo, #strongissexy and #girlswholift.

gym people amateur

The amateur

Don’t know whether to laugh or be genuinely worried about this seriously misguided soul.

gym people couple

The couple

By “get a room,” no one meant the weight room.

gym people nudist

The locker room nudist

We’re all about body positivity, but come onnnnnn…

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