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This New Smart Jump Rope Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Listen, we love a megaformer as much as the next gal (you know, those painful-looking Pilates contraptions), but a lot of the time fitness equipment can be pretty intense. And intimidating. And downright off-putting. That’s why it’s nice to get back to the basics--even if said basics are way more technologically advanced than they used to be.

Introducing the coolest piece of gym equipment we’ve worked out with in a while: the Smart Rope.

It’s just like the grade-school standby you remember--this time with an LED projector that counts your jumps in front of your face. 

It takes a few jumps to get used to the flashing lights, but soon enough we were so motivated to keep raising the number that we almost forgot how heavily we were breathing. (Seriously, jumping rope is a killer full-body workout that burns upwards of 60 calories for five minutes of moderate jumping.)

At $90, the Smart Rope isn’t exactly a steal, but in addition to the jump count, you can also use the coordinating app to track your progress, try suggested workouts and compete with other jumpers.

Trust us: It's like Words With Friends if Words With Friends' endgame was finally getting better abs than your sister.

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