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Some call us the sweet friend. Others say we’re super generous. And sure, a lot of times we are those things. But other times we’re holding back on what we’re really thinking because we can’t seem to stand up for ourselves. You, too? Here, 18 situations where we should put our foot down and stop being such a pushover.


1. You always let your friends choose the restaurant.
That list you’ve been keeping of places you’ve wanted to try for, like, eight months? It can wait.

2. And you dig into the chicken Milanese your server brought even though you ordered the lasagna.
It’s as good a time as any to stop being a vegetarian, right?

3. You usually pick up the bill, especially when someone says they don’t have cash.
It’s way easier than having to ask to split the check.


4. And when the waiter charges you for two glasses of wine but you only had one, you consider it gratuity.
It was a pretty heavy pour, anyway.

5. You get home from a busy day only to become housekeeper.
Even though you’ve asked your kids a million times to put their dishes in the dishwasher.

6. And you’ve never once walked into your bathroom with the toilet seat down.
It’s fine. Next time try to remember, Roy.

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7. Oh right. Roy’s your brother-in-law who’s been sleeping on the couch the last three months.
He just needs a little extra time to get his life in order.

8. You’re always up to take on your coworker’s extra work.
Although you’ll probably be the last person in the office for the next month.

9. And business meetings make you a bit nervous.
You can count the times you’ve said “disagree” out loud in a group setting: zero.

10. And when your coworker presents your idea as her own, you just smile.
What a coincidence you both had the exact same brilliant idea!

11. You let Todd in sales interrupt you mid-sentence.
Talking over him would make you seem just as rude, right?

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12. That last K-Cup in the office?
You go ahead, Todd. We just wanted to see what flavor it was.

13. And wasn’t that skirt marked on sale?
This red half-price sticker is on the tag, but OK, we’ll still buy it full price.

14. You’ve never been known to get angry if someone cuts you in line.
They probably just didn’t see you standing there.

15. Of course you hold the door at Starbucks for a pregnant woman.
And her seven children.


16. And when you finally get to order, all the people behind you in line already got their coffees.
Because someone took your flat white. And then someone else nabbed the one you worked up the courage to ask the barista to make again.

17. There’s no room in this cab?
OK, we’ll just get another one…by ourself.

18. And wait, your driver’s taking the long way home.
But hey, the scenic route is always worth a few extra bucks.


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