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Should You Be Drinking Vinegar?

If your nose instantly scrunched up upon reading this, we understand. You might be thinking, Nope. That sounds disgusting. Vinegar goes on arugula, thank you very much.

But not so fast. Here?s why you might want to try it.

It?s actually good for you. Some alleged health benefits (like weight loss) are nothing more than old wives' tales. But some are based in real science; the anti-glycemic effect of vinegar lowers blood pressure and promotes digestion, and the high acid levels can ease swelling and body aches.

It doesn?t taste as gross as you think. Sipping vinegars are usually made with apple cider or cane vinegar mixed with salt, sugar and other natural spices--meaning they taste less intense than what you?d use for cooking or salad dressing. They even come in fancy flavors like basil, lemon ginger and pineapple.

You don?t have to drink it straight. Dash a little concentrate in some seltzer water for a classy soda alternative, or mix it into your favorite cocktail.

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