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San Francisco is for lovers. Dog lovers. And with so many gorgeous and dog-friendly trails around the bay, there’s no excuse not to take your pup with you on your next workout. We know you’ve already been to the ever-so-popular Fort Funston, so here are some lesser-known spots to try--whether you’re up for an adventurous climb or a slow stroll.


The Easy Effort (4 miles)

Crissy Field’s well-maintained dirt path is great when you’re looking for a straightforward, low-incline workout with views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands. But no view is as beautiful as your pooch frolicking off-leash alongside you on the beach.

Montana Jewett

The Rugged Run (3 miles)

At Lands End, the terrain is rough, but the spectacular ocean view and hidden gems like, um, historic shipwrecks, make the challenge totally worth it. To spot the wreck, take the stairs down from the Merrie Way parking lot and look over the edge of the northwest vista point at low tide. And most important, dogs are allowed off-leash here--but make sure they don’t stray too close to the cliffs.

Chris Wang

The Breezy Stroll (3.5 miles)

If Sarah Jessica Barker isn’t big on exercise, take her to Ocean Beach. While she amuses herself with seagulls (dogs are allowed off-leash north of the Beach Chalet), you can squeeze in a short jog on the sand. Resistance work never felt so beachy.


The Sweaty Incline (1.4 miles)

If you take on Twin Peaks, prep yourself for a mile’s worth of straight uphill battle before you can appreciate the summit’s sweeping views. Just be sure your pup is up for the challenge and bring plenty of water for you both.



The Artful Exploration (mileage varies)

The Presidio’s whopping 24 miles of trails make for the perfect playground for you and your dog. Start at the popular Lovers’ Lane and then run alongside artist Andy Goldsworthy’s winding “Wood Line” of felled eucalyptus trees before heading deeper into this magical forest.

Phil King/Flickr

The Peace and Quiet Trail (2 miles)

If you’re looking for some me-time, escape to Glen Canyon. The main trail is serenely shaded by tall blue gum trees and runs along a deep canyon. There are also a few offshoot trails that wind up to giant boulders, but wherever you go, keep Sherlock Bones on his leash. Coyotes won’t be as easily swayed by those puppy eyes as you are.

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