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At PureWow, we’re always looking to celebrate extraordinary ladies. And Salma Abdulai, whose company DIM provides both a livelihood and healthy food for women in sub-Saharan Africa, is all kinds of extraordinary.

Seeing the rampant poverty and malnutrition in rural Ghana, Abdulai drew on her background in agriculture (she has a B.S. in Agriculture Technology and a postgrad degree in Agricultural Economics), and revived a nearly extinct crop called Fonio. This native grain is fast maturing, drought and flood-proof, and requires no fertilizer (a perfect storm for battling Ghana’s arid climate). Once harvested, it’s also yummy and nourishing. (It’s rich in iron, amino acids and proteins.)

When DIM launched in 2014, it was run by Abdulai and 10 landless female farmers. Today, it supports over 500 farmers...and plans to add another 3,000 to that number in the short term. Abdulai’s inspiring work landed her a Laureate prize at the 2017 Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards (and a grant and business mentorship to put her #girlboss plan to action.)

“I believe that in order to have a healthy, active society, we need to start with food”, says Abdulai. A practical, powerful philosophy we can all get behind.

(Learn more about the Salma and her amazing story here).

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