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Sports bras have come a long way from the early days of non-breathable fabrics and the dreaded “boob smoosh.” But today, the latest and greatest in supportive undergarments is the OMbra, high-performance athleticwear that’s actually smarter than you.

Here: five things to know about this wonder undergarment.

1. More than just your average fitness tracker, this “smart bra” monitors your breathing, heart rate, calories burned and stamina, thanks to its built-in, non-bulky biometrics reader.

2. It syncs to your smartphone and “talks” to you in real time, telling you when to push yourself (your heart rate could stand to be a bit higher) and when to back off (since knowing when to chill is just as crucial as maxing out).

3. It’s designed with super high-performance fabric, adjustable straps and a shape that promotes good posture and absorbs bounce.

4. It’s machine washable.

5. It ain’t cheap. The “start-up kit,” which includes your first bra and the required hardware module, will go for a cool $150 (it’s available for pre-order now and expected to ship this spring).

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