Heres a Better Way to Stop Your Nicked Leg from Bleeding
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We know: You needed to get ready in a flash. But getting a teeny-tiny blood stain on that pretty new pair of white jeans is the fastest way to ruin your day. Here, a brilliant way to quickly triage the problem the next time you nick your legs shaving. (And no, it does not involve leaving the house with toilet paper scraps stuck to your ankles.)

What you need: Chapstick (petroleum jelly also works)

What you do: If you notice a minor cut after shaving in the shower, towel dry your legs, swipe a small amount of Chapstick on your finger and then dab the balm on the affected area.

Why this works: The waxy texture of the Chapstick acts as a barrier to stop the bleeding and allow time for a clot to form. Bye-bye, blood; hello, summer whites.

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