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The Single Biggest Reason to Get Over Your Age Already

Listen: None of us are physically getting any younger. Our skin is starting to pucker where we laugh. Our joints are starting to get sore when we work out. But is it all in our heads?

As it turns out, yes. How old you mentally feel has a huge impact on how well (or not so well) you age. According to a new study by the American Psychological Association, people who feel older than they are are more likely to be hospitalized, regardless of other demographic factors like medical history.

Per the study’s co-author Angelina R. Sutin, PhD, "Feeling older is associated with poorer physical and mental health, but also with physiological impairments that may result in illness and health service use over time.”

So if you’re ever feeling ancient, watch this video of a 106-year-old woman dancing with the Obamas and get over it. It’s for your health.

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