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Does the Secret to a Better Sex Life Involve Changing More Diapers?


There are plenty of ways to increase intimacy, but the one that might surprise you most doesn’t start in the bedroom. It starts in the family room…or in the kitchen…or in the car on the way to day care with Raffi on in the background.

A new study finds that heterosexual couples who divvy up child-care duties--including active ones like playtime and more passive ones like monitoring little Jimmy on the playground--are the most pleased with the quality and quantity of their sex lives.

The test, conducted by sociologists at Georgia State University, followed 487 couples whose partners were asked not only about the satisfaction and frequency of sex but also about how happy they were overall with their relationships. The big winners were men and women who split duties down the middle, while the big losers were women who bore most of the child-care burdens.

So the next time you find yourself not in the mood, maybe it’s time to ask your spouse to take Junior on a playdate.

Erotic, no?

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