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Sitting for extended periods of time is a huge problem--it’s an undisputed fact. Less universally agreed upon, however, is how to fix it.

But there’s a new tool in the fight against chairs: the biking desk.

Literally a stationary bike connected to an office desk, these are the latest in a long line of suggested remedies that includes standing desks, treadmill desks and desk-ercises.

In fact, the bike desk was the subject of a recent study from the University of Iowa. The good news: Participants who used them were more likely to report weight loss, improved concentration and fewer sick days. The bad news: They’re not super comfortable. (You don't say...) The study’s authors note that design improvements are necessary to make the biking desk a long-term solution.

Another kink that needs to be worked out: privacy. Because who wants to be the weirdo sweating in a sea of cubicles while muttering motivational mantras under labored breath?

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