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Sooo...Bidets Are Now Trendy

We never thought we’d be here asking, “Are we cleaning our butts all wrong?” But Miki Agrawal, the woman who brought you “period panties,” has another venture that’s making us rethink bum cleanliness.

Aptly named Tushy, the company sells an attachment that can make most any toilet into a bidet. And, according to Agrawal, bidets are better than traditional wiping for a whole toilet paper roll of reasons.

For one, bidets have the sustainability thing going for them. A pressurized spray has way less environmental impact than a wad of TP. (It’s taking about 27,000 trees a day to source our toilet paper needs, and growing more trees means more water, which means the environment hates us.)

On top of bidets being so European chic, they are also apparently way more sanitary. Think about it: If you’re washing your post-poo butt with water, you are avoiding any and all contact with, you know, everything gross. Plus, spraying instead of wiping can actually keep things cleaner and prevent infections.

So maybe it’s time to ask yourself: Can you spare a square?

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