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A Boutique Bathhouse Is Opening in...Gowanus?
Lounge on a hammock in South Brooklyn.

It’s been oddly warm in the city the last few weeks, but it’s time to face the terrible, inevitable facts: Sooner or later, it’s going to get freaking freezing. Sure, you could hole up in your apartment and watch every TV show ever for the next four months. Or you could book a staycation in Gowanus. (Yep, we said Gowanus.) Your steam bath awaits…

Spa Castle is fun and everything, but cityWell, Brooklyn’s first-ever boutique bathhouse, is aiming to make your relaxation experience more, um, relaxing. Instead of sprawling pools packed with other guests, cityWell’s 500-square-foot “healing oasis” is designed for women who are looking to unwind in relative solitude.

cityWell offers saunas, rain showers, a fire pit and hammocks, as well as massage therapy, acupuncture and private yoga classes. And the damage? It starts at a super-reasonable $25 for two hours, plus $5 for each additional half hour. Currently in its soft opening, the bathhouse will officially open in January 2016.

Bye, Netflix. We’re spending the winter in Gowanus.

496 President St. (at Third Ave.); 646-467-4895 or

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