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Want something more from your coffee spot than a latte and a muffin? 

Then head to the new Bulletproof Coffee shop in Santa Monica, a caffeine dispensary with the modest goal of making you a better-functioning human.

The shop is all about “biohacking,” the new science-meets-biology craze. Basically, biohacking means using exercise, diet and some out-there healing practices to make you more productive. Visit this one-stop shop to experience all the coolest health foods and wellness gizmos on the market.

First, Order Buttery Coffee
You have to try the spot’s namesake, Bulletproof coffee. The barista will tell you all about how the mold-free coffee beans, grass-fed cow butter and proprietary blend of coconut oil equal something better than a regular cup of joe. It’s supposed to help you focus without a caffeine crash and lose weight, too.

Next, Get Grounded
Supposedly our bodies build up positive electrical charges--which means fatigue and disease-causing inflammation--unless we walk barefoot along the earth or sit/work on specially grounded tables and chairs, like the kind here, to release them. You can buy home sets, or just sit at the table and chairs at Bulletproof.

Quench Your Thirst with Fat Water
Berry, orange and lemon-flavored waters with added coconut-oil nanoparticles help you burn fat and get hydrated faster. Maybe--all we know is, we found our bottle a little tart and strangely addictive.

Step Right Up for Passive Exercise
In the corner of the shop, a Whole Body Vibration plate--basically an 18-inch square of heavy-looking metal--sits quietly. While you’re waiting for your order, you can step onto it, flip a switch and feel the thing vibrate at 30 pulses per second, which is supposed to increase circulation, stimulate brain function and improve bone density. Also, it tickles.

Finally, Set Your Intentions
This one’s more of a spiritual hack: A representative from My Intent will custom-emblazon a word on a bracelet (Kanye wore one that says “beautify” on the cover of Time) to help keep you on track.

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