5 Natural Scents to Cure Any Woe

From stress to jet lag and all the nausea in between

Aromatherapy, man. Before you write it off as hokey, hear us out: Apply the right fragrance to the right problem and the results are weirdly life changing. Here, five natural scents you should always have on hand for an immediate boost.


For Stress: Sniff Lavender

So you just spilled tomato soup on your favorite white blouse and are now panicking and dialing the dry cleaner and begging any stranger you see for a Tide pen. To instantly calm down, massage a few drops of oil onto your skin or mist the scent into the air and inhale. It’s known to calm the nervous system.

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For Jet Lag: Sniff Lemongrass

You’re on a red-eye to L.A., and your schedule is booked solid with business meetings from the moment you land. A whiff or two of lemongrass oil--which has an uplifting and stimulating effect--will clear your head and keep you from feeling fatigued. At least until you can order room service and crash later.

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For Tension Headaches: Sniff Peppermint

Deadlines. Excel sheets. Whatever is currently making your eyeballs cross, fight it off with peppermint oil. It contains menthol, a natural anesthetic that dulls pain receptors. (One study even found that applying a drop to the forehead is as effective as taking acetaminophen.)

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For Naseua: Sniff Ginger

You woke up feeling a bit ucky. (Maybe snacking on leftover Chinese food at midnight wasn’t the best idea you’ve ever had.) Ginger oil is known to aid digestion, so add a drop to a cotton ball and inhale.

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For The Blues: Sniff Grapefruit

It’s getting colder and daylight savings is coming and you’re just kind of over it all already, OK? One whiff of this essential oil (or any citrusy scent) and you’ll feel an immediate mood boost.

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