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Congratulations: You’re in the last leg of this long Chicago winter, and you’ve been a total champ. In fact, you’ve asked yourself only, like, four times this year why you chose to stick around during February.

But if you need a little help getting over the side effects of winter, here are five local services that can help you cure whatever ails you.

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Nutrition Coaching: For Weight Gain

We get it, energy levels are low and mac and cheese cravings are high. So if you need help getting into portion-control gear, book a session with integrative nutrition coach Venessa Rodriguez at Unveiled Wellness. She’ll work with you to develop a custom meal plan that improves your health--and your mood.


Cold Stone Treatment: For Headaches

At the Ruby Room, the Cold Stone Headache Treatment soothes a throbbing head with acupressure, marble stones, essential oils and relaxation techniques. If you tend to grind your teeth (which can lead to nasty headaches), add on the 30-minute jaw-release massage. And if you really want some peace and quiet, stay overnight in the tranquil, on-site inn.

1743-45 W. Division St.; 773-235-5678 or



At Acchaa, this 90-minute treatment is meant to restore your flow of vital energy based on your specific mind and body type. Plus, the treatment rooms, decked with lanterns and patterned screens, will transport you to Morocco. A little head space can go a long way.

500 N. Wells St.; 312-321-0011 or

Jeff Shear

Holistic Health Session: For Stress

The days are shorter, but your to-do list is getting longer. Take a deep breath. Through her company, Find Your Prana, holistic health coach Shannon Terschluse offers services that help you slow down, regain balance and restore sanity in all areas of your life. You’re not crazy--this unpredictable weather is.

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Citrus Crushed Pearl Massage: For Dry Skin

OK, so maybe winter is good for one thing: citrus. George the Salon’s new Citrus Crushed Pearl Massage exfoliates dead skin using, you guessed it, citrus-scented body scrub, essential oils and a crushed-pearl body cream. Along with softening your skin, the treatment--offered only on Wednesdays--can also help with insomnia.

945 N. Rush St.; 312-923-9444 or

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