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4 Foolproof Tricks for Remembering Peoples Names
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Forgetting someone’s name moments after meeting them is super common and super awkward. Here, four simple tricks for avoiding the whole “Wait, remind me your name again?” situation.

Repeat Their Name 
After someone first says their name, repeat it back immediately by saying, “Nice to meet you, so-and-so.” In conversation, use their name often (but not constantly—that’s weird). So, if you’re asking a question, tack their name onto the end. Then, when you say good-bye, repeat their name yet again when saying it was nice to meet them. 

Associate Their Name 
Does Ben have blond hair? Does Sarah work in sales? Matching people’s names to characteristics makes it easier to remember them in the future. If you can’t think of an alliterative trait, group them together with a friend, family member or celebrity who has the same name, which produces a similar effect.

Spell Their Name
This one doesn’t really work for people with names like Jim or Mary, but if they have a unique name, ask how it’s spelled. You’ll hear them repeat the name again and be able to create a mental picture of it, letter by letter.

Just focus. When you think about it, remembering someone’s name really isn’t an impossible task. Make a concerted effort and we bet you’ll be surprised by how much you remember.

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