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If ever there were an excuse for a cheat day, Thanksgiving is it. This week, we plan to gobble, gobble with wild abandon--just being honest. But when it’s time to work off that third helping of mashed potatoes, here are four local workouts we’re thankful for.


If you're short on time, try Hardpressed

We get it: Time is precious during the holidays. For a quick fitness fix, Hardpressed offers 30-minute, high-intensity workouts; trainers also focus on safety and proper nutrition. Fit this in, then get back to hitting the leftovers (everything in moderation, right?).

219 W. Chicago St., Suite 600; 312-285-3385 or


If you get bored easily, try Exhale

Gold Coasters don’t just coast (see what we did there?) when it comes to fitness. To stay trim in spite of pecan pie, denizens can’t get enough of the two-part, 60-minute Core Fusion Barre + Cardio class. Start with cardio, end with barre, leave with legs that feel like limp noodles.  

945 N. State St.; 312-753-6500 or


If you're results-obssessed, try Orangetheory

As you’re bathed in orange lights--you might call them sweet-potato-hued--this class will make those green-bean-casserole calories beg for mercy. With music pumping, an instructor will lead you and your classmates through bursts of weight training and planks combined with intervals on treadmills and rowing machines.

3738 N. Halsted St. and more locations coming to Chicagoland soon;


If you like consistency, try SoulCycle

The red-hot spin studio blends new-age spirituality with buckets of sweat, addictive beats and candlelight. On Thanksgiving morning, it will offer a 90-minute “Turkey Burn” ride; the same class will be available on Black Friday.

111 W. Wacker Ave.; 312-337-7685 or

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