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3 Things to Do When You Get a Hot Flash

Calling all ladies going through the change: You’re not alone! (This PureWow editor is, too.) But we’re not here to tell you to manage your diet and wear loose clothing and take vitamin E supplements and all those other super-unhelpful things every other site you’ve Googled will tell you.

We are here to talk about instant things you can do when a hot flash hits--while you’re in a meeting, at a party, anywhere it’s not socially acceptable to be sweating buckets.

Take a breath: Stop telling that hilarious and animated story about your friend’s neighbor’s daughter’s crazy encounter with Ryan Gosling at the airport. (Ever notice how a flash will hit right when you get to the punch line?) Direct the conversation to others, pretend you’re listening and start silently counting backward from ten. Your blood pressure will lower and the heat will subside.

Go wash your hands: Excusing yourself to go to the powder room is always a good idea. But rather than manically fanning yourself or shoving your face under an Xlerator hand dryer, stand still while running your hands (even better: your wrists) under a cold faucet. The less effort you exert, the quicker you'll chill out.

Pop a peppermint: Hear us out: Mint is a natural coolant. Your neck feels like it's about to burst in flames. You need a quick fix. It can't hurt.


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