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Hey, it's February. So we thought we'd check in and ask how your annual vow to work out more is going. What's that? The gym's got you down? Yoga's a snore? We're here for you: Check out these new sweat-inducing--and dare we say fun--ways to feel the burn.

Beyond500 Combining Pilates, strength conditioning and cardio, Beyond burns 500 calories in each 50-minute session. Trainers mix Pilates techniques with machines (like the self-propelled treadmill called the Human Hamster Wheel) and mini trampolines. Packages start at $25 for two classes. 

2003 N. Henderson Ave.; 469-275-8632 or

Zyn22 Proving that your basic indoor-cycling class is so 2015, Zyn22 goes beyond just riding a stationary bike. Here, high-tempo music blasts while instructors guide you through dance combinations and weight-training sets--yup, as you spin those wheels--to really crush calories and boost your metabolism. Your first ride is free, and each ride thereafter is $22. 

8060 Park Lane; 469-754-2600 or

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