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The One Decision a Stressed-Out Bride Can Make to Avoid a Day-Of Surprise

There are so many variables that go into a wedding: the DJ, the food, the extended family. (Oh, hey there, third cousin Jeb. Didn’t realize we sent you an invitation.) And while it’s impossible to anticipate an uninvited guest showing up, you can control how your flowers look if you make one simple decision: choose all-white flowers.

Here’s why: Flowers, like anything in nature, can be unpredictable. Remember those moody, dark purple dahlias you picked out at your viewing? Well, six months later on your wedding day, they showed up red…bright red. Not to be dramatic, but now your entire wedding is ruined. (We kid, we kid.) But it does mess with the color palette you had in mind and now your bridesmaid dresses clash a bit. Ugh. 

The fix? Go with all-white flowers. No matter the time of year, a white flower is in-season (psst: white roses are available all year round). Plus, while your florist might try to convince you that a ruby red is basically purple if you squint juuust enough, everyone knows that white is white is white.

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