The Best Places to Shop for a Plus-Size Wedding Dress

For a lucky few, wedding-dress shopping is a magical experience: Surrounded by your closest confidantes, you try on a single dress, fall in love with it and buy it on the spot. For countless others, though, the process is a bit more stressful—especially when the dresses you’re browsing aren’t available in any size larger than 12. Fortunately, a number of brands are doing gorgeous things where plus-size wedding dresses are concerned. Here are five excellent options.

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floravere temp


This direct-to-consumer brand marries (sorry) fashion and tech, as the first bridal boutique of its kind to streamline the dress-shopping process by bringing the gowns straight to your doorstep. On Floravere’s site, choose up to three different dress styles (in sizes zero to 24). Once they arrive at your home, try them on, then return the samples using a prepaid shipping label. If one of the three is The Dress, head back to the site to customize it to your liking. As an added girl power bonus, every Floravere gown is named for a female pioneer like Amelia Earhart or Misty Copeland.

Shop our pick: E. Ferrante gown ($2,250)

davids bridal wedding dr3ess
david's bridal

David's Bridal

If it’s options you’re after, David’s Bridal is a must-try. With more than 400 plus-size styles up to size 30W, you could spend hours scrolling through potential dresses. (Yes, this one requires a bit of patience.) Because there are so many plus-size options, expect a ton of different styles at a wide range of prices.

Shop our pick: Melissa Sweet gown ($1,208)

azazie wedding dress


If David’s Bridal and Floravere had a baby, it would be Azazie. Like the former, this California-based online shop has hundreds of styles to choose from, reasonably priced from $199 to $899. Like the latter, it offers an at-home try-on option. The 200-plus offerings run the gamut from ultra-classic ballgowns to sleek, modern silhouettes—each available up to size 30.

Shop our pick: Amelie BG gown ($449)

mod cloth plus size wedding dress


This San Francisco-based e-tailer has long championed body positivity, pledging to stop photoshopping its models back in 2014 and casting its own employees in swimsuit shoots. It tracks, then, that its vintage-inspired wares come in an impressive range of sizes (00 to 28, to be exact). That many of the dresses are less than $200 is just the icing on the cake.

Shop our pick: Chi Chi London gown ($199)

kiyonna plus size wedding dress


Founded in 1996, Kiyonna is an L.A.-based plus-size clothing retailer. Bridal-wise, the brand offers a number of knee- and tea-length dresses, making it ideal for more casual ceremonies (or even rehearsal dinners). Web purchases make up more than 80 percent of sales, but Kiyonna dresses can also be found in more than 100 stores around the country, as well as at a flagship retail location in Anaheim, California.

Shop our pick: Sweet Serenity gown ($248)

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