Walking down the aisle for your best friend is an honor. Well, it totally would be if you weren’t stressing out that your boob’s gonna fall out of the $150 dress she picked out for you. Here, what 13 recent bridesmaids seriously wish their brides did differently. 

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Be More Considerate About Time and Budgets
“Let out-of-state maids know which event you’d prefer them to go to: the bachelorette party or the bridal shower—expecting them to go to both (plus the wedding) is a lil' cray.” - Elana, Minnesota 

“Remember that your bridesmaids might be involved with two or more weddings at once. So try to give a lot of heads-ups for planning and scheduling.” - Emma, New York

“I wish my bride had considered that not all her bridesmaids’ budgets were the same. A lot of her friends came from super-wealthy families, so a five-day bachelorette trip to the Caribbean was NBD for them, but it was a major deal for a few of us.” - Kristen, Massachusetts 

Limit Weekly (and Daily) Communication About the Wedding 
“One phone call or email about the wedding a week (or day, if it's getting close to the wedding) is great. Fifteen texts and four emails in one day is basically another full-time job.” - Holly, Texas

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Consider Different Body Types When Choosing Dresses
“It would have been nice to actually try on a dress instead of having one picked out for me that didn’t suit my body (or many of the other girls’). I had to drop $150 on a dress that really didn’t look flattering on me, and I know I would’ve rocked out more on the dance floor if I felt more comfortable and confident.” - Cory, Michigan

Let the Bridesmaids Style Their Look
“On top of the same exact dress, I had a friend who wanted the bridesmaids to all wear updos and the same accessories. It starts to feel like a costume instead of formalwear.” - Ricki, Tennessee

“My bride required us all to wear high heels. It was fine by me, but three other bridesmaids were in pain all day and two were pregnant in spike heels. Too much.” - Sarah, New York

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Set Clear Expectations of Everyone
“I wish the bride gave us a heads-up before the wedding that she needed help with certain day-of projects. We were all ready and willing; we just needed time to plan for it.” - Shoshanna, California

“Even as MOH, I got so much pushback from other maids and family members in the wedding because everyone's role was so murky. Obviously, I didn't worry the bride with it, but clearer roles would've been much appreciated.” - Rachael, Florida

Feed Us Throughout the Wedding Day
“We were served breakfast, which was great. But hair and makeup started at 7:30 a.m., and we didn’t get to eat again until after the ceremony at 6:00 p.m. My back almost gave out during the wedding. By the time we got to cocktails the bridesmaids were shoveling food in our mouths—and don’t even get me started on the bread baskets.” - Annie, Washington, D.C.

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Be Thoughtful About Your Actual Relationship
“My college roommate asked me to be a bridesmaid even though we hadn’t been close in years. I wish she considered our actual relationship because it felt fake and awkward the whole time.” - Ingrid, Texas

“As MOH, I was a little hurt that the bride seated me at a table with her coworkers. I wish she thought more about my role in her wedding (and life!) and didn’t hide me in the corner with the B-listers (no offense, Todd from IT).”  - Antonia, Ohio 

Let Go a Bit
“If you ask your bridesmaids to help with something, don't shadow them and nitpick the whole time. I had a friend who asked us to help with placement cards. We spent hours working on them only to have her throw them away and do them all over herself. A little gratitude for the effort would’ve been nice.” - Gabrielle, New Jersey

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