When a Famous Astrologist Warns You About the Upcoming Wedding Season, You Listen

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If you couldn’t tell by the onslaught of last-minute “Save the Dates,” wedding season is (almost) upon us. But before you break out your dancing shoes, you should know there is such a thing as a good/bad time to get married—if you believe in the power of the stars, that is. If not, do your thing.

Susan Miller of Astrology Zone recently appeared on a panel in New York City, where she discussed a major astrology event that could spell disaster for soon-to-be newlyweds. You see, two planets will be in retrograde during prime wedding season—Venus from May 13 to June 25; Mars from September 9 to November 13. *Cancels all plans*

In an interview with Refinery29, Miller explained that Venus represents affection, and when it’s in retrograde, the planet moves backwards, which often causes turmoil. “That’s the birth of your marriage,” she said. “It affects you. It’s in the DNA of your marriage. You don’t want it to be a low-affection marriage.”

Miller went on to say that Mars represents intimacy, and when it’s in retrograde, it could result in a lackluster sex life. “It would be bad,” Miller explained. “It’s a marriage where the sex isn’t good.”

The astrology expert advised that retrograde is not something couples will feel immediately, since they’ll likely experience a honeymoon phase. However, Miller warned that marrying while Venus and Mars are in this phase doesn’t sit well with experienced astrologers.

Challenge accepted.

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