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This Unexpected Wedding Thank You Card Detail Will Win Over Everyone (Including Your MIL)

As gorgeous as that millennial pink matte Le Creuset Dutch Oven wedding gift is, it can be hard to find the motivation to emerge from honeymoon bliss and immediately write Aunt Martha (and 137 others) a thank-you note. After all that planning, the thought of crossing off more wedding tasks is exhausting, daunting and, most importantly, rough on the wrists. Alas, it’s a must.

So before you run the idea of e-cards or PigeonGram (Google it) by your S.O., consider this fun and unique option instead.

The idea: When you and your beloved whip out the stunning Lennox wedding china for a dinner party, snap a Polaroid (or something like this) to include in your thank-you note to cousin Susan. The visual component will not only make writing your thoughtful note easier, but it’ll also please Suze to see that you’re actually using her gift.

But what about wedding attendees that kindly opted to contribute to your honeyfund? Take a pic of a souvenir from your trip or, better yet, use Prynt to print a honeymoon photo straight from your Instagram.

Personal, creative and not all over Pinterest (yet)—that’s what we call a wedding win-win.

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