The One Thing Every Wedding RSVP Card Is Missing

You’ve mastered the art of calligraphy, obsessed over which of the ten shades of sage stationery was juuust right and masterfully color-coded your 213-row wedding guest Excel spreadsheet. Phew, you’re all ready to send out those invites, right? Wrong.

What’s missing? A line on your RSVP card reading: “Please include your favorite song here:________”

Why? Well, if you’re hiring a DJ, band or outsourcing the music to cousin Tony’s iPhone, you’ll need to come up with a playlist as inspiration for your vendors or to play (trust us, you don’t want to give the Tonester free range).

But the gesture also makes guests feel like they’re contributing in a meaningful way—not to mention, gets them ever more excited when “Sweet Caroline” blasts on the dance floor. The best part, though? It crosses off an annoying item from your to-do list: Create a must-play song set for the reception.

Oh, and we’ll totally forgive you if you accidentally “lose” Uncle Jerry’s “Symphony No. 41” RSVP card.

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