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Do you have your heart set on a 12-piece set of Kate Spade bone china? Or are you more of a gal of the times (hello, stainless-steel trash can from Amazon). Or maybe, you give the whole registry thing a big ol’ eye roll. Wherever you land, we’ve collected some true tales of regret to help guide your own adventure in Registry Land. Heed the warnings, future brides.

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blue and white china
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The Curse of the Plates

“I wish I spent more time in the store picking out my everyday dishes—and less time taking my mother’s advice. My honeymoon was basically at Crate & Barrel since I was going back and forth so often (OK, five times) to return my plates and flatware and pick out news ones.” - Michelle, married six months

“Just because people say you have to register for fine china, doesn’t mean you have to. We will never use ours, mostly because I’m petrified of breaking it.” - Abigail, married eight years

“I wish I actually thought more about my everyday plates. We registered for square plates, and they were so huge they didn’t fit into my cabinets. I ended up giving most away and keeping some for platters and now I need new everyday plates.” - Dabee, married seven years

salad in a wooden bowl

Think Twice Before Scanning That Second Salad Bowl

“I totally regret not registering for more sheets/towels/bedding items because 1. Laundry and 2. It's not something I'm jumping up and down to spend my own money on. Also, I regret only registering for six wine glasses, because we've already broken like half of them but have one million Champagne flutes we never use (aspirational). I’ll also never quite understand why I registered for two wooden salad bowls (I drink more wine than I eat salad, which I guess I didn’t want to admit).” - Katherine, married four months

“Do I regret the gratuitous salad bowls and Champagne flutes? Yes. And should I have registered for luggage? 100 percent. But honestly, getting married was worth my Dyson vacuum. That thing is life-changing.” - Angela, married five months

bright and well stocked kitchen
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The Case for Space

“I regret not registering everything through Zola, which lets you pick when the items are shipped to you (they just hold the credit in your account). So now, I have a bunch of crap taking up so much room in my tiny apartment, but really I need all this stuff for, like, eight months from now when we’ll be in a bigger space.” - Lindsay, getting married in three months

“The pasta maker attachment for the KitchenAid. When the hell are we gonna make fresh pasta? Also, I just wish we registered for less in general, we just don’t have the space for it all.” ­- Rachel, married three years

“Umm, I probably regret registering for so many vases—for one, who has shelf space? Plus, a lot of my family went off the registry and they all decided to get us vases, too, for some reason. So, yeah, we wound up with approximately 328 vases. We were able to exchange some of the said vases for more practical items (kitchen trash can! a lamp!), so that was nice.” - Alexia, married two years

two people scuba diving

Honeymoons Are Ephemeral; Pots & Pants Are Forever-ish

“I *think* I regret not registering for anything besides experiences. My pots and pans are shit.” - Jillian, married five years

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