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You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather...Outkast song lyrics you should probably never quote to a stressed-out bride. Still, things happens, not just on your actual wedding day, but in the weeks leading up to it, too. Here, six super-common wedding planning disasters…and how to avoid hyperventilating into a brown bag.

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rain wedding disasters

The Weather Report Says Rain

Strike that. It says it’s supposed to pour. Here’s what you do: First, rest assured that most of your guests will check the weather and carry an umbrella along. Second, there’s Amazon Prime. If the forecast still looks iffy two to three days out, take precautions and place an umbrella order for you, your wedding party and the guests who forgot one. Best case scenario, you don’t use 'em. (Besides, Amazon returns are a breeze.) And chin up: Rain can be the best backdrop for wedding photos.

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over budget wedding disasters

You’re About to Blow Your Budget

In a perfect world, you can anticipate every single wedding-related cost, but out of the blue, your wedding dress alterations are going to cost much more than you thought they would or you need to schedule a second hair trial, ugh. Whatever you do, don’t just shoulder the costs. Instead, call upon your vendors to see what price adjustments you can make. For example, swapping out one bloom for another with a similar hue could shave tens of dollars off bridesmaid bouquets. Or working with your caterer to make food swaps—for example, no fish—could save you as much as $2K. It’s all about getting creative and not being afraid to speak up.

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over head count wedding disasters

You’re Over Capacity on Your Guest List

So, you had to add a few plus ones—and distant relatives—to your guest list. It’s not the end of the world. As long as you’re not breaking fire codes, usually your caterer can easily accommodate, even at the last minute. In most cases, it’s as simple as changing the table sizes and layout of the reception.

vendor quits wedding disasters

One of Your Vendors Quits

You fell in love with your wedding planner, who unbeknownst to you, was pursuing alternate career opportunities at the same time she was booking your business. Hey, life happens. If she was part of a larger firm with more planners, it never hurts to ask about a make-good to make up for all the extra wedding-related stress caused by the switcheroo. But if she was independent, make sure you’re vocal about all the details you’d previously discussed. Still, be open to your new planner’s ideas and industry connections (those always pay off).

bad hair trial wedding disasters

Your Hair Trial is a Disaster

No matter how many Pinterest pics you pinged to your stylist, he or she still didn’t quite nail the understated Jessica Alba chignon you were hoping for. Take a breath. That’s why it’s a dry run. Give constructive feedback in the moment (or snap a pic and email your stylist with notes later) for ways the finished result can be improved. Some salons will even discount a redo trial if you explain that the results weren’t what you hoped they’d be. (Hey, they’d rather do that than risk losing your business full-stop.)

fighting couple wedding disasters

You and the Groom Can’t Stop Bickering

He doesn’t care about table arrangements. You don’t care about including his second cousins when you’re already over-budget because of the head count. Wedding planning can feel like the ultimate marriage test, but the best solution is to take a break and plan a date night—with a moratorium on all things wedding-related.

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