No disrespect to passed apps, but the portions are kind of miniature-sized and leave us less than sated nine times out of ten. Which is why we’re kind of obsessed with the latest craze in wedding snacking. Meet: the graze table, which, as its name suggests, is literally a massive, marvelous table artfully heaped with meats, cheeses, breads, antipasti, fresh fruits and crudité. Drooling.

While your caterer can likely fashion you one (if you ask nicely), there are also now a host a fabulous foodie boutiques dedicated to the craft. Grape & Fig, a “luxe grazing caterer” out of the U.K., was kind enough to provide us with the epic nosh-piration below. Get inspired—then get a snack.

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Eucalyptus Graze Table

It’s so beautiful we could cry.

Graze Table Runner

Charcuterie > blooms.

Cheese 'Cake' Graze Table

(Almost) too pretty to devour.

Alfresco Graze Table

Cocktail hour nirvana, achieved.

Deluxe Graze Table

BRB, diving headfirst into this cornucopia of heavenly snackage.

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