wedding cookie bar1

The first time we saw a wedding doughnut wall, we thought we'd died and gone to Pinterest heaven. Fast-forward several years and this once-buzzy trend has become a bit of a cliché. 

So what's new on the budget-friendly, Insta-bait dessert front? With great joy, we report that cookies are taking center stage buffet. Well, cookie bars to be specific. Think: a long grazing table strewn with beautiful jars and decanters, each stuffed with various fresh baked cookies. (Drool.) 

“2019 is definitely the Year of the Cookie Jar," insists Elaine Ardizzone of the popular Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in San Diego, California. Why the sudden cookie craze? 1) Folks are eating cleaner these days, and cookies “can be made vegan or gluten-free more easily than many other desserts," and 2) they “require no utensils, so guests don’t have to decide between dessert and dancing—they can grab a quick bite and get right back on the dance floor!” 

Color us inspired. (And hungry.) 

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