The New ‘Tiny Wedding’ Trend Will Cost You About $1,950 Total

tiny wedding

Go small or go home. That’s what a new crop of young couples are practicing when it comes to weddings. For them, spending the equivalent of a down payment on a house for one party is just not a priority. On top of that, stressing out over hotel blocks, seating arrangements and passed apps is not everyone’s cup of tea.

But that’s not to say this subset necessarily wants to nix professional photos, a gorgeous bouquet or a gourmet cake to cut. Instead, they want to cherry-pick from the traditional wedding in favor of a more streamlined, budget-friendly version.

That’s exactly what Kaity and Tanner thought when planning their $500 Florida wedding. Kaity told PureWow weddings editor Grace Beuley Hunt, “My advice for anyone planning a non-traditional wedding would be to focus on what will be the most special experience for you and your fiancé, and to not get caught up in the craziness of logistics." With access to an incredible beachfront location, the couple assembled decor from TJ Maxx, brought in the food from Chick fil-A and said sayonara to crazy logistics.

For North Carolina couple Jenny and Rob, it was about avoiding debt. They had seen so many of their friends fall into that trap, and they were dead-set on side-stepping the same fate. So, they opted for a backyard affair that looked like it fell out of a shabby chic Pinterest board. The 22-person dinner was catered by the couple’s favorite Mexican joint at $10 a head. The total? It came out to a workable $2,000. (As opposed to the not-so-digestible $91K wedding.)

The demand for micro-style and elopement weddings has grown so much that it’s changing how venues sell themselves. Cornman Farms, one of Michigan’s premier spots for chic barnyard weddings (it’s from the same folks behind Ann Arbor’s beloved Zingerman’s deli), has definitely taken the hint, adding a new option to its robust party options: a Tiny Wedding package.

At $1,950, the all-inclusive deal isn’t the cheapest route, but it does promise to take all that “crazy logistics” pressure off by including the venue, officiant, photographer, boutonniere or bouquet, a Champagne toast and a “Tiny Wedding” cake. The package includes four people—the wedding couple plus two witnesses. Each additional person (up to ten people max) is $45.

So, even if you don’t have the DIY skills to whip up a $15 whimsical soiree that magically feeds and entertains 30 of your closest family and friends, there are more options these days for celebrating your nuptials the way you want to.

(Cornman Farms’ Tiny Weddings booking will launch at 9 a.m. EST on Tuesday, July 9. There are only 12 Tiny Weddings available per season.)

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