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When you’ve got a million wedding to-dos on your plate, registering can feel like just another logistical thing, which is why it’s so easy to leave an essential or two off the list. That’s why we’ve pulled together a handful of commonly forgotten items to help even the most together bride. Pssst, just because a store doesn’t have a registry option doesn’t mean you can’t add it to your list. (Thanks, Zola!)

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registry camera

A High-End Camera

Sure, you use your iPhone camera for everything, but when you’re honeymooning in South Africa, it might be nice to snap higher-quality pics with a DSLR.

Nikon ($447)

registry frames

Picture Frames

You shelled out $3,000 for a fancy photographer—it only makes sense that you register for a few fancy frames (or framing services) to display your pics. 

Kate Spade New York ($60)

registry drill

A Cordless Drill

Come on, you can’t build a gallery wall (featuring all your pretty frames) without one, right?

DeWalt ($99) 

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registry vacuum
Choreograph/Getty Images

A Vacuum Cleaner

Ugh, no one wants to register for something chore-related, but trust us, it will quickly become the item you use the most. 

Dyson ($600)

registry grill

A Grill

Summer brides probably assembled their registry in the winter when grilling season was the last thing on their brain. Opt for an indoor/outdoor option so you can use it easily, rain or shine.

George Foreman ($100)

registry artwork


A reminder to think beyond the kitchen: Online sites make it easy to digitally curate (then register for) all the walls in your home. 

Artfully Walls (Prices vary)

registry luggage


Ideally, someone will gift you this ahead of the wedding so you can carry your new bags with you on your honeymoon. 

Away ($225)

registry glasses

Extra Wine Glasses

You registered for eight, but chances are, one (or three) will inevitably break/shatter/cause you to bust out your new vacuum to clean up. Pad your clumsiness by registering for a few extras just to be safe.

Schott Zweisel ($14)

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