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As soon as that proposal happens, the floodgates open: “Did you pick a date?” Not yet. “What’s the color palette?” Haven’t decided. “Can I wear white?” Um, no? Yeah, someone should have warned you that as soon as you have a ring on your finger, people expect you to know every single wedding detail. Hate surprises? Here are eight more things no one really warns you about. (Oh, and hey, congrats girl.)

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things no one tells you about getting engaged  1

Chances Are, Your Nails Won’t Be Done

Or you’ll have a zit on your chin. Or your hair will be a mess and you’ll be wearing pajamas. (No judgment: You thought you were just going to walk the dog.) Try to let go of the fantasy proposal you dreamed up (on the beach in Tulum, wearing a Mara Hoffman caftan and a tan), because that most likely isn’t how it will go down. And that’s perfectly OK. In fact, the pj’s make for a better story.

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It's More Than OK to Pick Out the Ring Together

There’s a common misconception that all “good” proposals need a surprise factor. But truthfully, nothing’s wrong with a little more communication. Picking out a ring together not only makes sense since you can ensure that it fits your finger and budget, but it can also be part of your engagement story. An afternoon at a fancy jeweler browsing Forevermark diamonds, followed by a romantic dinner? Not too shabby. And besides, even if you choose the ring, you still don’t know when he’ll really ask.

things no one tells you about getting engaged  3

Prepare for Lots of Unsolicited Advice (and Random Texts)

So apparently, everyone and their mom moonlights as a wedding planner and wants to share their experiences—the good, the bad and the ugly. Our advice: If a friend says anything that includes the word should or shouldn’t—like “Oh, you shouldn’t invite kids to your wedding” or “Oh, you should definitely book your rehearsal dinner at the Beach Club”—take it in stride. If you agree, great. If not, thank them and be on your merry way.

things no one tells you about getting engaged  4

You'll View Movies and TV Differently

Oh, so that’s why George Banks lost his mind in Father of the Bride. And why Samantha’s sister in Sixteen Candles took muscle relaxers before she walked down the aisle. And why Jim and Pam of The Office secretly eloped. Weddings make people crazy. And now you totally get it.

things no one tells you about getting engaged  5

And You’ll Have a New Appreciation for Pinterest

You never fully understood your BFF’s incessant wedding-inspo pinning. But now that it’s your turn and all of your vendors are asking to see your wedding board, you’ll happily pull it up if it means they can nail the exact vibes you’re going for.

things no one tells you about getting engaged  6

You Thought You Were on a Budget? Think Again

You probably started out optimistically, saying, “We have a good budget! Plus, we can just DIY.” But the closer you get to your date, that enthusiasm will die down and you’ll be asking things like “Are Styrofoam plates tacky?” Don’t beat yourself up. It happens to the best of us.

things no one tells you about getting engaged  7

Saying the Word Fiancé(e) Is a Little Strange

It takes some getting used to. But truthfully, you can call each other whatever you want.

things no one tells you about getting engaged  8

And Finally, Your Relationship Will Still Be the Same

Sure, you have a ring on your finger and you’re talking about merging bank accounts. But just because you’re engaged doesn’t mean all conversations have to move that way. Your betrothed is still the same person who laughs at your terrible Seinfeld impressions and agrees with you that your dog knows what you’re saying.

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