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You've been on Instagram. You've seen the hashtags. Colorful wedding shoes are practically a given. Well, a certain footwear aficionado recognized this and upped the ante on the fabulous-bridal-heel game even more.

Say hello to Stuart Weitzman and his $2,200 "something blue" stilettos.

(We know. We'll wait for you to scrape your jaw off the floor.)

The shape is something you've surely seen (and may already own). With only two delicate little straps, Nudist sandals are easily the most popular shoes on Hollywood red carpets and personal-style blog posts alike. So what exactly is Weitzman doing to his normally $398 style? Upon custom order, he's covering them in pavé Swarovski crystals the color of the infinity pool you'll be honeymooning at, any minute. And for an adorable bonus: You can have your name and wedding date inscribed on the insole (something Weitzman did when he proposed to his own wife).

So let's go over your to-do list: Dress, check. Photographer, check. Sneaking a line in your budget for sparkly blue shoes, check check check.

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