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Spring is an incredibly romantic time of year to tie the knot. It’s a season of growth, new beginnings and florals galore. Our favorite thing about 2020’s trending spring wedding colors? The drama! Just because your nuptials are taking place in April or May doesn’t mean you’ve got to stick to Easter-egg pastels (though blush pink is always a winning hue). All we’re saying is don’t fear bold colors and get ready to go green. 

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spring wedding colors saffron sage
Delaney Dobson Photography

1. Saffron and Sage

Pairing bright, orangey saffron with cool, creamy sage evokes excitement and serenity. The saffron makes bouquets pop, especially against a bridal party decked out in muted sage. Taupe and olive decor could complement this pair nicely. 

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spring wedding colors rose spruce
Jefferson May Photography

2. Rose and Spruce

Yes, spruce seems like it might be best suited for a winter wedding, but the shade itself is lush and looks right at home with rosy pink. The two complement each other for a charming springtime palette.

spring wedding colors blue yellow
Rachael Schirano Photography

3. Powder Blue and Pale Yellow

Nothing says “Hello, spring” like a powder-blue sky and pale-yellow sunshine. Liven up the cool blue tones of muted succulents and thistles with bursts of warm pale yellow.

spring wedding colors blue peach
Jennings King Photography

4. Steel Blue and Peach

Along the same lines, steel blue and peach were pretty much made for each other. Since steel blue leans more in the gray territory, you can go pretty bright and bold with the peach. Even hibiscus and coral work well. (Pro tip: Any colors from opposite sides of the color wheel tend to go together swimmingly. Play with variations to find your ideal match!)

spring wedding colors tangerine
Bright Lights

5. Tangerine and Fern Green

We meant it when we said drama. Tangerine is a wild choice, but one that livens up everything it touches. Paired with an earthy fern green, it works well without overwhelming.

spring wedding colors muted neutrals
Katelyn Prisco Photography

6. Muted Neutrals

For a clean, classic look, neutral tones of taupe, beige and sand mingling together could not be more beautiful. Plus, neutrals tend to highlight the most important stuff: you and your love.

spring wedding colors black white green
Kristen Weaver Photography

7. Black and White (and Green)

Black in spring? You bet. It not only goes with everything but also gives the whole affair a sleek, elegant look. We also love the addition of a green accent to enhance that “spring has sprung” vibe. 

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