S’mores Bars Are the Summer Wedding Trend We Needed

Toasty s’mores are about as quintessentially “American summer” as it gets. Which is why we’re loving that they’ve become such a staple at summer weddings as of late. Yup, one cruise through Pinterest’s weddings feed and you’ll see an abundance of tempting s’more-spiration. With their interactive format and inexpensive tab, they make a fabulous dessert for an alternative couple—or a fun late-night snack addition for the wedding cake-inclined.

See, the thing is, everyone loves s’mores. And if they don’t, they’re lying (or just on a diet). Below, some ooey gooey presentation ideas to inspire your own nuptials.

23 Midnight Nosh Ideas for Your Epic Wedding Afterparty

Mejia-Jones Photography

Pretty Presentations

The options to display your fixings are endless. We particularly love this triple-tier galvanized metal caddy.


Sweet Signage

Don’t forget to instruct your guests on their mallow-ing. (“S’morepuns are welcome here.)


Easy Fuego

No fire pit on your venue? No worries: Just buy (or rent) some tabletop s’mores makers.


Premade Bundles

Fun idea: Package your fixings in cute little personal bundles as a dessert-meets-party favor moment.  



Unsure about a s’mores moment at the wedding? There’s always the proposal, guys.

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